Long Bristol and a Foundation of Ideas for the City Where I Live

Projeto acadêmico, Junho 2019
Bristol, United Kingdom | Estudo

This project started as a response to the rapid change of the fabric of the city where I lived. In the city, it was observed that gradually people have been responding to the change through events and festivals that seek to contribute and better understand the change of the city - moments that generate ideas. As the project developed, it was found that to adequately respond to the constant change of the city, it was important to address how it is imagined by its people.
Through an exploration that starts by re- interpreting the city by mapping its ideas this project questions the coexistence and relationship between the constant construction and re-construction of the real city and the city constructed in our minds, and explores the value of ideas in the midst of this process.

By assuming that ideas are the instigators of the change, a Foundation for the Ideas of the City is proposed, sug- gesting a different time and place for the ideas of the city. The Foundation will collect, analyse and test the ideas for the city where I live - an attempt to materialise the idea for the constructed reality of the city. All these ideas will be registered and archived forever in order to create a collective repository of the ideas of the people of the city. The substance of the archive constitutes a city which cannot be constructed in the concrete reality above the ground, a city which lies in our minds and can only be seen through the ideas of others. The city which we all imagine: Long Bristol.