O Buldonhe 

Cabo Verde, 2019

The Buldonhe, a Cape Verdean condition, describes an approach that responds directly to a context and a need. It looks at what’s available and allows the refunctionalization of materials and objects.
The pieces that make the Buldonhe’s First Show, produced at Atelier Mar, are based on the creation through the use of materials and materials rescued in that space - an attempt to bring them to life again. The creative process behind these pieces went through the discovery of materials and equipment, which in turn led to the learning and understanding of the techniques that complement them, as well as the experimental use of certain materials.

Matiota (I, II e III), 2019

Primeira Mostra do Buldonhe with João Narciso, Miguel Teodoro and Binta Giallo
Fundação Baltasar Lopes, São Vicente, 2019